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Rabbi Jeffrey & Mindy Glickman

Another J-Date success Story!


Wherever she lives Mindy immerses herself in her Jewish community, locally and globally. Today Mindy is the community's Introduction to Judaism class Hebrew instructor. She is the founder of Mitzvah Mamas, a local partner of Momentum.  and now sits on several boards including The Society Board of JDCArava Institute & The Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford.



Rabbi Jeff is proud to call South Windsor, CT his home. He's been in town so long, his name has almost become synonymous with Temple Beth Hillel, a dynamic faith community. For over 15 years Jeff has served as the chaplain for both the South WIndsor Fire and Police departments. 

And now they are heading out on a Jewish RV Giving Tour.

  • Game Inventors - They develop games for licencing

Jeff and Mindy Glickman, are educator who have a love of games and books.  Developing games and children's books is a fun way for them to meet people around the world. Their games, licensed under the name Turn to the Wonderful have become known for eloquence and simplicity, and are highly regarded by those in many fields.

"Regardless of how glitzy a game is, it will only be replayed if the values resonate with the players." 

And now:


Join the fun!


Here are some highlights:

On the way meet philanthropic leaders, see what's happening at the southern border, visit snowbird congregants, meet leaders from remote congregations and so much more. As part of GLeE, Giving Locally eEverywhere, TTTW visits NPR stations,  United Way recipients and so much more.  


Each morning or evening the virtual community with Rabbi and Mindy join for a daily zoom for a short moment of Gratitude.

Rabbi Glickman can play one song on his guitar, which can be heard each day at 5pm when he broadcasts a 5 minute message to the community. We hope you will come, and sing along.

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