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GLeE -Giving Locally Everywhere

Physically Distanced, Locally Connected

"Everywhere Is The New Local"


Superimposed on a pandemic, an election & an insurrection:

Rabbi Jeff and Mindy Glickman modeled the power of giving when they traveled the United States in Seymour, the RV.  A month and 12,000 miles later, they have returned with a better understanding of the distinct needs of many local communities.

They learned:

We are all in this together.

When we give remotely, there are added benefits.

The recipient knows that their cries resonate far;

That they matter on a grand scale.

Giving locally is so powerful.

People are on the forefront of need; givers see directly the impact of their tzedakah.


A little support goes a long way.
When Bible says to love the stranger, it does not say that the stranger needs to live in a certain place.

Join a synagogue

Be a GLeE circle of awareness giver!
Please, consider joining Rabbi Jeff & Mindy Glickman by joining one or more small URJ Synagogues congregations. 

 Would you consider joining remote congregations?

Be a GLeE circle of awareness leader!

Tour To The Wonderful, phase 2 is the giving part of the tour. The Glickman's are becoming members of many congregations and donating to organizations that they found have their ears to the ground.

Now that their circles of awareness have expanded, so has their responsibility. 


As the Glickman's traveled the USA they visited local places where needs are met and communities fortified by many amazing heroes. These organizations included synagogues, social service agencies and media outlets.


As they shared gifts with the needy, the concept  "When you give, you get" seemed to play out in real time!  Though not the plan, people along the route started to give them gifts to pass forward.


The Hebrew word ונתנו contains five letters. This word is pronounced: u-nat-nu Whether you read Hebrew or not yet, notice that these 5 letters are a palindrome, spelled the same forward and back.