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Magnet Game- So much fun you cannot resist!
The Game You Can't Resist!

The reactive interplay between the magnets in AttrAction gives this game its spark! Players flick their "shooter" magnet into the playing area to attract and collect other magnets. Of course, it's not quite that easy since the magnets repel as easily as they attract! Strategies unfold and develop in reaction to the patterns on the table.

AttrAction is a fun and challenging game in which a mix of skill and luck, plus the strong force of the magnets, produces exciting and unexpected twists!

Push your luck game for small children
Don't Be Greedy
A Strategy Game of Risk Riches and RewardsChild's 

A fun push your luck game for kids by Melissa and Doug. Players take turns drawing jewels from a bag to put in their treasure chests. If they draw a frown they have to put their treasure back in the bag.

SPelling and counting concepts in one game.  You will want to play it over and over again.
Ten + Woo = One + Two 

The board game by Fat Brain where fast fun adds up!

Spell the numbers ONE through TEN using letter tiles. Spell N-I-N-E, score 9 points. Each word you spell gives you points equal to that number. Got it? Spell T-E-N and you're really on a roll! But, look out! If somebody else has the WO-O tiles, you could lose your T-E-N points and they'll be up O-N-E plus T-W-O! Reach 21 or more points and win! This easy-to-learn tile game is great for introducing simple addition and spelling concepts.

The magic of magnets in a red box.Great idea for a fun  Valentines gift.

Hearts of AttrAction features the same gameplay as in AttrAction, but with heart-shaped magnets that put a new spin on shots.

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