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Superimposed on a pandemic, an election & an insurrection:

A rabbi & his wife modeled the power of giving when they traveled the United States in an RV they named Seymour. They have returned with a better understanding of the distinct needs of many local communities.

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Phase #1

On The Road

12,000 Miles in 1 Month


"We didn't see national parks or amusement parks. We met real people in their homes and communities. This is the listening part of the tour. You can listen too.  Tour To The Wonderful Podcast gives a glimpse of lessons learned while hearing actual voices from across the USA."

Connecticut, New York, North South Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, New York, D.C. & Connecticut  

Fresh Meadows, South Windsor, Eggship Harbor, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Del Rey Beach, Dothan, Pensacola, Mobile, Montgomery, Auburn, Anniston, Birmingham, Huntsville, Florence, Tuscaloosa, Meridian, Jackson, Jacobs Camp-Utica, Hattiesburg, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Beaumont, Houston, Galveston, Sugar Land, McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen, Encino, Phoenix, Surprise, Albuquerque, Taos, Denver, Boulder, Omaha, Indianapolis & St. Joseph, Dayton, Buffalo, Varysburg, District of Columbia, Bethesda, Manhattan & South Windsor

Phase #2

The Giving Part

GLeE - Giving Locally Everywhere. 


As the Glickman's traveled the USA they visited local places where they met people and learned about the needs of those remote communities. The organizations they visited included synagogues, social service agencies and media outlets.


The Glickman's have joined every NPR station and donating to each United Way branch and ACLU office in the USA.

They are also joining many small, remote Jewish congregations, science museums and libraries across the USA.


They call the initiative GLeE - Give Locally, Everywhere and encourage you to find a remote place, doing good work far away and call them. Let them know that you were inspired to give to someone far away.   

More details, including how others can become part of the effort can be found here.

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