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Along for the Ride

A few days ago, we received this motivating message from Diane Schell, a TTTW virtual participant. One way we stay in touch is with 5 minutes of daily community updates & Jewish insights we call 5@5. -Mindy

"I’ve been listening to 5 @ 5 for many months now. I met Rabbi Jeff and Mindy through the South Windsor Lion’s Club. I remember one meeting where a speaker did not show up, and Rabbi Jeff was asked to talk about their trip to assist the Rohingya, and he filled the whole meeting with his information and stories. He was better than the scheduled program! I then came upon 5@5 on Facebook through a friend of mine, Ann Hughes. I listened once or twice, and I was hooked! Great messages and I felt like I was making friends with some of the regulars - Hi Sheila, Hi Regina. And I miss Arnie from Ellington who used to listen faithfully before he passed.

So of course, I was excited about Tour to the Wonderful and could not wait to see what adventures lay ahead for Rabbi Jeff and Mindy. I had seen Seymour up close and personal when they shared a whole lot of food with my husband and I to distribute to the Free Little Pantries in South Windsor, so I was ready follow virtually as they drove the country! I’ve loved seeing the places that they have been, and meeting people whose paths they have crossed. And I love the messages that they continue to deliver every day. There is always something inspirational. I also greatly appreciate that they are willing to include my requests in the daily Prayer of Healing.

Some of my favorite stops they have made include visits to South Windsor people (it seems that while many are happily settled in new places, they miss SW and its Temple community). I was also touched by their stop at the Mexican border and seeing all of the tents where people lived. There was also much poverty, which was heartbreaking. But they turned the poverty into a positive by highlighting all the people who were helping out the poor. There were also many beautiful Temple’s which were extraordinary. It’s been quite a journey!

Rabbi Jeff always has just the right words to encourage and inspire folks. I love that he and Mindy are reaching out to the lonely (this has been a constant message from them), trying to bring a smile to folks and offer help, while encouraging us to do the same (although not on quite so large a scale as taking a cross country trip). We can do the things they are encouraging in our families, neighborhoods and towns. Tour to the Wonderful has been wonderful and inspiring!!!"

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